humanitarian hackathon hack2Help
H2H is a hackathon aimed at helping people affected by war
Dates will be later, online
create a product for people who had to leave their homes because of war
Choose a track to
contribute to
Connect the newly arrived with a compassionate community they deserve
Find a step-by-step solution for legal status and finding a job
Job search
Hygiene products, food, affordable housing, daycare and more
Basic needs
Hack Your Way to a Better World
Build a working MVP
that will truly make a difference in the lives of those in need
Win a mentorship
from the hackathon organizers to bring your MVP to the next level
Get a monetary prize
by creating the most helpful product on the track
Who can attend?
Tech experts
Coders, no-coders, app and website developers, software engineers and other technical specialists will form the core of your team.
Crafted visuals and UX design play a significant role when creating a minimum viable product.
Business guys
Knowing your audience's demand is critical to the success of a new product. We invite product managers, marketers and analysts.
Got any other useful skills or just want to be helpful? We’ll be more than happy to look at your application!
Come as a team or by yourself
Let the hackathon be the beginning of something bigger!
Our goal is to truly help people. To do this, we encourage the development of projects that were born at the hackathon
Get to know charitable organizations
Our speakers and partners are interested in sharing their knowledge with you about the tasks of the field
Form a team at the hackathon
Or come with an existing one and get inspired to take action
Close technical competencies
Ethically build payback in a product
Build processes
Find product-market fit
Mentors will guide and help after the hackathon:
Create a meaningful project and receive mentoring
events before
the hackathon
Application deadline
Make sure to apply before the cutoff date!
Keep an eye on your email for your invitation
Meet the teams
Get to know other participants and form your team
Hackathon Schedule
Day 1
Day 2
Award ceremony for top teams
Present to judges
Finish MVP
Work on MVP
Choose track
Volunteer organization lectures
A human right lawyer at ‘Open Russia’
‘United Democrats’ founder
‘The Ark’ founder
Technical program manager (5 products at 17 countries)
Anastasia Burakova
Writes a blog about psychology for STEM audience
Founder of Luna Park — an HR agency that hires top-level engineers to start-ups, hedge funds, and AI safety labs
Nadya Petrova
Full stack development lead founder
ex Oken IR
Editor of ‘Guide to the Free World’
Matthew Revazov
Eight-time hackathon winner
IT LAND school founder
IT blogger
Ex-Sber, Margex, Milkinside senior product designer
Olga Kad
Company: Kwikwins
Specialization in brand strategy and packaging, product development
Product Strategist, Account Manager, 10 years of experience in Custumer Relations, 6 years in marketing
Liza Filippovskaia
Company: Statanly
Expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence
CTO at Statanly / ICV
PhD in Computer Science, head of machine learning lab at ITMO University
Andrey Filchenkov
Company: IT LAND
Past Hackathon Winners
Chatbot for making connections by profession and need, to communicate and support them in emigration.
Telegram bot to collect blue-collar jobs. Volunteers upload job ads, and the bot, once selected, sends vacancies to refugees.
An app to aggregate Telegram messages about travellers' possibility to take and deliver some things abroad.
Join us at the H2H Hackathon and make a difference